Help patients with the greatest need, but most limited access to care.

Global Telehealth Network (GTN) is a nonprofit organization that connects an international network of volunteer physicians with doctors and nurses in medically underserved areas who encounter patients with difficult problems.

Health workers located in remote areas in the U.S. or throughout the world can obtain free, real-time audio and video consults with GTN’s physician volunteers – without anyone having to travel. 

 Global Telehealth Network 
focus areas: 

Hospitals & clinics in 
  under-resourced countries

Refugee camps

Conflict zones

Centers for victims of 

  human trafficking

Free clinics in the U.S.


Disaster areas

Mental health services

How GTN works

  • When health workers on the ground need help, they enter their findings in the patients’ electronic health records, log in to GTN’s website, upload their consultation requests and indicate the degree of urgency.

  • GTN’s software algorithm can evaluate data points regarding the patient and health worker and match them with the most appropriate physician volunteer who can be available at the required time.

  • Through use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the algorithm will continually improve its ability to provide optimal matches.

GTN solutions for global healthcare challenges:

Initial pilot projects

Upcoming projects

Join our global team of dedicated doctors.

GTN’s volunteer physicians and psychologists provide free online help for people who have limited access to healthcare.

In addition to our work in the U.S., GTN can offer services to areas of the world where the majority of people currently live their lives without ever seeing a doctor.”

– Jack Higgins, MD

President & Chief Medical Officer
Global Telehealth Network

Help us build and maintain the network.

To fully develop the Network, we need funding from donors like you who want to be in on the ground floor of this historic effort to reduce health disparities.

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