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 How you can help 

individuals work for companies with matching gift programs.

18 million


GTN’s greatest needs at present are additional professional volunteers and financial support.


There’s plenty of demand for services!


We’ve identified the NGO partners that we’ll support through our pilot projects. Now we’re recruiting more volunteer professionals to supply those needed healthcare services.


Our recruiting efforts are currently focused on physicians – including primary care and all specialties – as well as psychologists.


However, as we build out the network and partner with additional NGOs, we hope to involve many other health professionals.


If you’re a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Registered Dietician or Marriage & Family Therapist, we hope to invite you to join the GTN team in the near future.


We plan to expand into preventive health services both in the U.S. and internationally as we gain a better understanding of the regulations in each of the states and countries where we offer assistance. Opportunities for volunteering will vary by country and according to the needs of each NGO with which we partner.


Meanwhile, please help spread the word among the physicians in your community and encourage them to volunteer with GTN. Share our How Doctors Can Help page with its “Invitation to Physicians and Psychologists.”


Please sign up for our mailing list below so we can keep you informed of our progress.


Help spread the word among physicians

Share our How Doctors Can Help page with its “Invitation to Physicians and Psychologists".


We need your help to complete development of the Network.


You can have an enormous impact on our movement by making a tax-deductible contribution here.


With a contribution of any amount, we’ll consider you to be a member of our family, and we will keep you posted as we grow the nonprofit organization and as we soon incorporate our for-profit telehealth network to serve patients for whom payment is available. (A portion of those payments will be shared with GTN to support its nonprofit activities.)


We also encourage you to find ways to magnify your impact:

  • Check to see whether your employer offers a matching gift program, where for each dollar donated, the employer will match it up to a specified limit – with maximums generally ranging from $5,000 to $30,000. Companies with matching gift programs include Google, Apple, Disney, JP Morgan, Pfizer, Merck, Amgen, CVS and many more.

  • See if your employer offers a corporate volunteer grant program, where for each hour volunteered with GTN, the employer will donate to GTN – generally $10-$25 per hour.

  • Start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, especially effective with employees of companies with matching gift programs.

  • If your employer has a philanthropic arm, or if you have friends or family who work with companies that do, we’d love an introduction.

  • If you know someone who works with a foundation that offers grants to support domestic or international programs that improve access to health care services, please let them know about us.

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Join up for our mailing list

Whether or not you’re a health professional, and even if you’re not in a position to donate to the cause, please register for our mailing list so we can send you occasional updates.

Thanks for joining!

We respect your privacy and promise not to share your address with anyone.

Allart_Ligtenberg copy[1].jpg

It would be great if everyone in the world could be in the same room with a physician or psychologist at a convenient time. Unfortunately, that’s not possible, but with telehealth technology, we can provide online help for many more people at the time they need it.”

– Allart Ligtenberg, MS

Director, Global Telehealth Network

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