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 Mission and 
of work 

(more than half of the world’s population) are forced to go without the most essential healthcare services, according to the World Bank and World Health Organization.

3.5 billion people

 Our mission 

Global Telehealth Network: humanitarian healthcare at work

The Global Telehealth Network (GTN) is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that no one should be denied access to health care because of location or ability to pay.

Our physician volunteers are dedicated to providing telehealth services for people located in medically underserved areas including low- and medium-resource countries, refugee camps, conflict zones, and disaster areas, as well as here in the U.S.

 Our scope of work 

Global Telehealth Network has developed a new paradigm for telehealth involving three types of services:

1. GTN can offer free specialty consultations at any time to assist physicians who practice in medically underserved areas. 

We provide medical, surgical and mental health consultations for physicians practicing in isolated locations when their patients have complex problems and no specialists are available nearby. 

2. Physicians who benefit from GTN’s specialty consultations can also use the network’s technology for outreach.

Physicians who use the network to obtain consultations are also free to utilize the same technology to support nurses and Community Health Workers located in even more isolated areas when they encounter patients with problems that exceed their capabilities.

3. We support non-physician health workers in isolated locations

Many non-physician health workers in isolated locations are employed by government health ministries or by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but have no physicians to back them up. They may be nurses, paramedics, Community Health Workers, birth attendants, health extension workers, members of disease eradication teams, mental health workers or others with varying degrees of training and experience. Using laptop computers, tablets or smart phones they can log on to the network to obtain assistance from physician volunteers. In places where bandwidth is limited, they can access help through email, cell phone calls or even text messages.


coming soon

Preventive health services

When our initial phase of telehealth services is fully implemented, we'll offer preventive health services, often provided by volunteer Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Registered Dietitians, Physical Therapists and other non-physician health workers.


coming soon

A curated online healthcare library

We'll offer open access to curated health information – i.e., online resources from credible sources that are verified to be accurate and helpful, in contrast to the enormous quantity of inaccurate and often harmful information that's currently available through the Internet.

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