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Not For Sale and CIYOTA in Uganda

Not For Sale (NFS) is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to protect people and communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery.


The organization equips and empowers survivors of human trafficking – and those at risk of exploitation – by providing shelter, healthcare, legal services and education, as well as job training and life-skills training. Not For Sale also partners with businesses and organizations to create long-term employment opportunities for survivors and at-risk communities.


Not For Sale currently has active projects in Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Romania, The Netherlands, Uganda and the United States.


Not For Sale Uganda works in partnership with CIYOTA, a nonprofit established by refugee youth, to provide services for over 500 children and young adults near the Kyangwali refugee camp in Uganda. The Kyangwali camp houses approximately 80,000 Congolese refugees who have fled civil war, ethnic cleansing and related atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The refugee youth are highly vulnerable to trafficking that results in both girls and boys being forced into prostitution, domestic servitude and forced begging.


Not For Sale Uganda provides housing, educational opportunities and other support to children and young adults to reduce their vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation. However, access to health services remains limited, with one nurse responsible for the care of over 500 students, as well as CIYOTA’s staff.


The Global Telehealth Network (GTN) will partner with Not For Sale Uganda and CIYOTA in providing physician backup for CIYOTA’s nurse.

Whenever the nurse decides that a student or staff member needs to be evaluated by a physician, she will use a laptop computer to record and upload the patient’s medical history and exam findings to the GTN website and initiate a telehealth encounter.


Since 2007, NFS has directly supported nearly


survivors and individuals at risk of human trafficking

Kyangwali Camp Map.png

GTN also plans to partner with Not For Sale in providing telehealth services in remote rural areas of Peru and other countries where the organization’s projects use economic development and educational resources to reduce vulnerability to trafficking and slavery.


GTN will also work with other organizations that operate safe houses for those who escape from slavery and trafficking, and who risk re-capture if they attempt to access local health services.



Not For Sale website: 


CIYOTA website: 



CIYOTA provides services near the Kyangwali camp that houses approx


refugees who have fled civil war, ethnic cleansing, and related atrocities.

Volunteer doctors provide an invaluable service for organizations like these. Help them save lives.

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